Access to SQL - anyone know any helpful links?

  gplatt2000 19:07 29 Dec 2003

Hi all;. I know this is too hard-a question to ask on a forum (or i think it is anyway - although knowing some of the people on here...), but I have a dtabase made in Access, and would like people to be able to make use of it on the interenet. Does anyone know of any good free resources on the internet to help me out with gettin it into SQL?

Thanks a lot for your help

  Taran 20:44 29 Dec 2003

If you arrange a Windows web host account you can upload your Access database and use it as it is, with ASP pages to allow querying, record display and so on.

If you want the less expensive hosting option of Apache/Linux/Unix you obviously have to convert your database content to MySQL.

There are several good commercial conversion programs - this is one I've been quite impressed with:

click here

There are also lots of articles discussing how to manually convert:

click here

click here

click here

Two relatively simple methods that spring to mind are to export your table contents as CSV files and import them into MySQL. If you have an MS SQL Server available you can export to MS SQL and round trip into MySQL, but this is where we start to get complicated.

I'd say you have to weight the pros of cheaper web hosting against the cons of having to learn PHP to interact with a MySQL database, once you manage to get the table contents transposed from Access. Unless you invest in a commercial conversion you will also have to rewrite your queries and MySQL is a bit of a culture shock after you've been used to Access.

If you want some in-depth info, post again and I'll happily explain many of the ins and outs along with a few how-to scenarios.

The actual conversion though, is possibly the least of your worries. A dynamic PHP site using an unfamiliar database product is possibly more of a learning curve than an ASP dynamic site using your existing database.

There's no ideal answer I'm afraid.

Post again if you want more.



  Taran 20:52 29 Dec 2003

I should also have said that FrontPage, if you have it, or any of the other mainstream higher end web editors, will allow you to generate ASP pages in short order and will also walk you through setting up your database connection for the pages to interact with it.

There are fewer editors that feature anywhere near the same level of support for generating PHP pages and interacting with MySQL, but they are out there.

I have to say that for most applications and from a very personal point of view, I tend to plump for PHP but certainly not for all of the web apps I do. It all falls down to what you want to do with your application coupled with how much time and effort you want to invest in learning a suitable system of web page interaction.

So it's ASP pages with Access on a Windows hosted website or PHP pages with MySQL on an Apache Linux/Unix server. If you already know Access quite well, it would probably be worth your while to stick with what you know and learn what you need to learn to use Access and suffer the higher web hosting costs.

If you are feeling adventurous though, there's not much I can think of that I can do with ASP/Access that I couldn't manage at least as well and in some cases an awful lot better with PHP/MySQL.


  Taran 20:55 29 Dec 2003

It would help a lot if I knew what your database is for and how you would like to display your records or allow people to append to its tables.

How many tables are there ?

How many records are there ?

How many queries and are they all fairly standard or do you have some more complex queries going on in there ?

The more detail you give, the more appropriate an answer you will get.


  Taran 21:18 29 Dec 2003

I should really have given you these two links:

EMS MySQL Manager

click here


click here

Both offer some pretty powerful import features, and MySQL-Front does an especially good job of direct imports from Access to MySQL. MySQL Manager is available as a fully working 30 day trial after which you have to buy a license to continue using it. MySQL-Front is free.

A list of conversion products from the MySQL website is click here

Hope this helps.


  Taran 21:19 29 Dec 2003

Who said it was "too hard a question" ?


  powerless 23:47 29 Dec 2003

Ever thought of a book Taran?

"100 million copies worldwide"

  Taran 09:45 30 Dec 2003

The benefits of a misspent youth (and adulthood, come to think of it)...


  slowhand_1000 11:39 30 Dec 2003

nuff said :-)

  gplatt2000 15:29 30 Dec 2003

OK thanks a lot for your help, sorry its taken a while to reply.

I dont have a host yet, i was going to sign up with click here, who have apache servers. However, I have now loked (briefly) for Windows servers, and found this site -click here

Do they seem alright?

As for my databse - iits not completely finnished yet, but it is fairly simple - there are 6 tables (which may end up changing), and all users need to be able to do is choose how the data is arranged (it is a databse of different shops, along withh descriptions, locations etc) - eg. 'by location'. And possinbly a search feature.

I'm not sure on how many records there will be, it all depends on how successful the site is!

Thanks again for your, as ever, excellent help

  gplatt2000 15:32 30 Dec 2003

Also, some of these sites click here seem good, such as click here

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