Access to this Site blocked by Kaspersky

  wee eddie 15:41 16 Sep 2014

When I just tried to log in, I got a Pop-up.

Access to this Site blocked by Kaspersky. Which is the AV I'm currently running and is, usually, fairly reliable.

I overrode it but it set my mind thinking.

What with all the problems this site has been having recently.

Has the PC Advisor Site been infected by Malware of some kind?

Possibly, as yet, unidentified!

  lotvic 15:57 16 Sep 2014

Nah, ;)

Before you cast aspersions I think you ought to find out the details of why Kaspersky blocked it for you.

  VCR97 19:25 16 Sep 2014

I have had the same for several days. Oddly, it hasn't done it tonight so perhaps Kaspersky has corrected the problem.

lotvic It says that it's a heuristic analysis.

  lotvic 20:10 16 Sep 2014

oh that means it's guessing... probably doesn't like the adverts ;)

  wee eddie 01:36 17 Sep 2014

lotvic: why not read the posting rather than just scanning it.

I used several words that, when read, mean that Kaspersky is usually OK and that this site's problems might have been caused by, as yet, unidentified malware.

That does not mean I am criticising anyone, nor casting nasturtiums!

  lotvic 11:58 17 Sep 2014

I not only read posting I googled for more info.

Found ClickHere Bad Kaspersky antivirus update keeps users from accessing websites Feb 2013 so thought it might be something similar again.

As for my joke of casting aspersions - I did put a wink ;) at beginning of my post :)

I'm sorry if my posting caused you any upset :(

If any of my postings cause anyone any upset, please UNread at once

  wee eddie 13:42 17 Sep 2014

lotvic: Wasn't damage done.

Sorry that I failed to understand your "wink", I just assumed that it was a typo

  lotvic 16:04 17 Sep 2014

wee eddie, ok, thanks.

  wee eddie 17:29 23 Sep 2014

Now, I accept that this is an error on Kaspersky's part, but surely those that run PCA's site should examine what it is about the Forum that is tripping their scales.

Kaspersky Internet Security


The requested URL cannot be provided

URL: click here by Web Anti-Virus

Reason: phishing URL

Click here if you believe that the web page has been blocked mistakenly.

Detection method: heuristic analysis

Message generated at: 17:20:16


  VCR97 19:04 23 Sep 2014

After a night without the problem Kaspersky restarted the blocking. There's probably some facility in the firewall settings which allows the address to be ignored but I haven't got round to looking.

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