access to router settings

  dlguk 18:23 26 Jan 2013

Has there been a change to router setting access, ie or 0.1?

  Ian in Northampton 18:30 26 Jan 2013

Mine isn't like that. It's 192.168.1 and then a three digit number...

  dlguk 18:44 26 Jan 2013

Thank you but,

I have been using or 0.1 for more years than I care to remember always successfully but now it doesn't work appreciate any help, I have tried two BT routers. Am I losing the plot, don’t be shy just tell me :).

  onthelimit1 18:44 26 Jan 2013

Depends on the make and model. Google yours to find out.

  dlguk 19:02 26 Jan 2013

I don’t use Google and I have had the same type of router for over eight years, not the greatest but I have always been able to change settings. The other two BT ones I tried were on different machines, nowhere near me (phoned friends).

  alanrwood 20:29 26 Jan 2013

onthelimit1 is asking you to search on Google to try and find out what the router default ip is for your router.

Check in your ip settings that for some reason the default gateway has not been changed

  bumpkin 20:36 26 Jan 2013

You dont say what router. is the code for my belkin, maybe worth a try anyway.

  lotvic 20:59 26 Jan 2013

Open the command prompt (Start > Run/Search for cmd) and then enter ipconfig. The address you need should be next to Default Gateway under your Local Area Connection, and it will often begin with 192.168.

Read more A List of Common Default Router IP Addresses

  lotvic 21:01 26 Jan 2013

Here's yet another guide on how to find the IP router homepage

  dlguk 21:01 26 Jan 2013

Thank you all, is just the same, I am aware of what onthelimit1 is saying but please read my thread carefully and understand that I have tried all the usual, i.e. grounding the router, cmd ipconfig/release then renew, reset router etc. I phoned a few friends both on BT same result. I have changed settings many times, guess I will have to spend an hour or so getting nowhere on the phone to Mumbai, arggggggggg

  alanrwood 21:05 26 Jan 2013

Best of luck

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