Access Query Problem

  Senator BoB 13:14 26 Apr 2003


I've been following instruction which i have infront of me telling me how to create a query using Access... When in design view i am told to click off the Show row under each attribute and then run the Query. If i do this an error appears, "Ouery must have at least one destination field." So i concluded that i should not click of the tick in the Show box? Am i right to assume this or have i done something wrong somewhere else?


  Taran 13:27 26 Apr 2003

It sounds like you switched everything off so Access has nothing to show you when you run the query.

Removing the tick from the "Show" checkbox renders that field invisible to view once the qury has retrieved your requested information.

Run the query again after leaving at least one field ticked, or your query is a pointless exercise since it will be asking for information that will not be selected for display - hence your error message.



  Taran 13:29 26 Apr 2003

It's often worth removing the tick from the autonumber/primary key field of your table(s) since it normally isn't necessary to display this information through a query.

Aside from that, leave as much or as little selected for view as you like, provided you leave at least one field visible of course.


  Roland Butter 13:29 26 Apr 2003

The tick determines the column being displayed in the results of a query. So you will need to have a tick in the "show" box of each column that you want information about.

  Senator BoB 13:39 26 Apr 2003

Thanks, that's what i thought i don't know why these note i have tell me otherwise...

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