Access pump through IP address

  Koicarpus 14:43 04 Jan 2017

Hi all Having trouble accessing my new water pump through its IP address. It's a Royal Exclusive RD4 500w, from Germany which can be seen on their website with instructions. Unfortunately there are no controls on the pump, so the only way I can change the speed is by way of connecting it to the router. I have a BT home hub, and I've been told the range isn't big enough, and the 3rd number of the routers IP address needs to see a 0, same as the pump. I've tried to change the IP address of the router range and it just keeps coming up with invalid IP number. Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Dave

  Koicarpus 20:45 04 Jan 2017

HI mate Thank you for your reply I really appreciate. I've had another play this evening, if I plug the pump straight into the laptop, and turn the Wi-Fi off as you requested, the laptop recognises something is lugged in, but nothing pops settings pop up at all. Surely for me to get to that stage in the instructions it needs to be accessed through the internet via my router?

  Koicarpus 21:08 04 Jan 2017

Sorry which bit should be

  Koicarpus 21:12 04 Jan 2017

Should it be in the default gateway. As in my router IP?

  Koicarpus 21:16 04 Jan 2017

Ok, so did in default gateway as I think you requested, I didn't lose internet connection. Googled SRC and all sorts came up, not sure what to look for. Don't suppose you live near Hastings?

  Koicarpus 21:31 04 Jan 2017

I wish I did mate lol

  Koicarpus 21:50 04 Jan 2017

Ok thankyou, I'll have a go over the next few days and let you know how I get on. Thanks for your help.

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