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  Andsome 08:30 15 Nov 2003

In common with a lot of forum members I also use other forums. Recently Windows Forum at click here used a temporary site whilst they moved to a new server. There was a page informing you of this when you attempted access, and a link was offered to the temporary site. Now when I try to gain access, I am still taken to the page stating that WF have moved to a temporary site, and the link on there takes me to a page which inform me that WF have now returned home, the link there takes me straight back to the temp page, and so on, round and round in circles. I have tried deleting all cookies, and temp INTERNET folders, and history, also files and offline content, then rebooting. I have also rebooted the cable modem. If anyone can offer help I would be most grateful. If anyone wants to talk me through any procedures and wants to e-mail their telephone number I will call them so that I pay for the call. I cannot of course re-register, because I cannot get past the temporary page. I still receive e-mailed messages informing me of new postings to threads to which I have subscribed, but the links on these e-mails also take me to the dreaded temp page

I use XP home, and have NO problems in accessing any other website in the world.

  christmascracker 08:37 15 Nov 2003

Hi Andsome

Havn't got a clue what to suggest apart from what you have already done.

Try this link which I've took from the forum index page click here?

Hope this helps

  Andsome 08:39 15 Nov 2003

Many thanks, but I get the same result.

  christmascracker 08:43 15 Nov 2003

Have you tried a system restore?

  Andsome 08:47 15 Nov 2003

As far back as it will take me, that was to Wedneday morning. The puzzling thing is that it is only the one site that is affected. I can access anything else that i want with no trouble at all.

  christmascracker 08:52 15 Nov 2003

Have you tried going other routes to get to the site ie typing windows forum into google and clicking on the link

  Andsome 08:58 15 Nov 2003

Yes I've tried that. I even put my nickname, andsome, into google and clicked search. It took me to a link which showed that I had made postings to WF. That same link in the past would have taken me straight to that posting in WF, now it takes me instead to the temp page. I am contemplating suicide.

  christmascracker 09:00 15 Nov 2003

Hang in there someone will have a brainwave!

  bvw in bristol 09:02 15 Nov 2003

Andsome,Start/Control Panel/User Accounts/Create New Account.

Log off and log on using the new user account and try entering the site then.

Not a solution but might be worth a try.

  johnnyrocker 09:07 15 Nov 2003

do you have a proxy server? they may have updated their security and your prox is not recognised try placing the body of the address in your exceptions list like so *microsoft* for example.



  Andsome 09:41 15 Nov 2003

I created a new account, but could not see how to use it, it's not something that I have done before. The problem is that I cannot access the site in queston at all. I cannot get past the temp page. I am a little afraid of locking things up if I'm not careful. I cannot create a dial up account either as I had the computer built without a dial up modem.

johnnyrocker, I don't have a proxy. I access via a cable modem with NTL, and am the only user, and access by local area network

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