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access presentations from interactive whiteboards

  wlvali 13:26 14 Apr 2017


I am a visually impaired student at university trying to follow presentations and live demonstration which take place on the interactive whiteboard, I am using TeamViewer 12 as found this to be the best remote viewing free software.

TeamViewer is set up in the following way; the computer where the presentations are delivered from is connected to the whiteboard and TeamViewer is run in MEETING/Presentation mode.

I then connect my laptop to the host computer via the Meeting ID and I am able to see the same screen as everybody else on my laptop, however I am also running the Windows magnifier in full screen view to enlarge the screen. When the host computer’s mouse is moving around the screen my magnifier on my laptop stays in one place as it cannot detect the mouse movement of the host computer’s mouse moving. It means I have to manually move my mouse around the screen to see where the lecturer is clicking or typing.

Is there anyway the mouse pointer on my laptop could move the same time as the host computer’s as I use bigger mouse pointer and it would mean the magnifier would move around the screen whenever the host decides to move theirs?

Please try this setup to fully understand the outcome that is being achieved

Is using TeamViewer the best software for this or are there other software’s available such as classroom management software? TeamViewer is also used as it portable and can run on my machine.

any advise would be helpful

  Smudge120 13:42 14 Apr 2017

Have you spoken with the lecturer or IT department at the university about this problem. They may be able to help you.

  difarn 16:41 14 Apr 2017

I have seen other posts on various sites asking a similar question but there doesn't seem to be a resolution.

I'm wondering if you have explored using an external screen magnifier that clips on to your laptop screen instead of using windows magnifier and whether this would mean that the host's pointer would be visible to you?

Other than that Smudge120 suggestion of speaking to your university IT department may be the way forward. I assume that these presentations are available to you at times other than the actual presentation so at least you can view them as straight forward presentations.

  wlvali 17:28 14 Apr 2017

Hi thank you for your reply, IT services have not really come accross this before does anybody know a forum for specifically for accessibility computer problems?

Would anybody recommend a different software apart from TeamViewer?

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