Access to Outlook Express

  fazer 14:02 11 Jan 2006

Please help ....

Windows XP, two password-controlled users on the computer - myself and my son.

How do I allow access to my e-mails (using Outlook) for my son who is on a seperate password? He has access to the program itself but not to any e-mail functions. Pending setting up an account for him, I want him to share my account.


  recap 14:12 11 Jan 2006

I think the only way of doing this is to set up your account details in your sons Account. But, if this is done, when your son is logged in he will pick up your email where as your account may not.

  fazer 14:21 11 Jan 2006


Thank you for the quick response.I'll wait for a little longer for more responses but this looks like a no-goer.

  PaulB2005 14:55 11 Jan 2006

I concer with recap. You'll end up with two mail boxes and with your mail spread over both.

Any reason it will take so long to set him up an account? Most ISP accounts can be set up instantly.

  recap 15:12 11 Jan 2006

Remember though, if it is an ISP email account, most ISP's will disable the account if you do not log in to the site on a regular basis.

  fazer 19:14 11 Jan 2006

Thank you both.

The only reason I was stalling for time to set up another account is because at the moment I've no idea how to do it! However, I'm working on this particular issue and am doing a lot of self-directed learning -joy. :-)

  PaulB2005 21:17 11 Jan 2006

Who are you setting the account up with? Maybe we can help?

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