Access to "My old" Win XP Settings/files/docs etc.

  george 19:24 10 May 2004

Have had to reinstall Win XP and my old settings are not available with "access denied" to my "old" My Documents folder. This also applies to previous software installed as the new version of Win XP obviously created a brand new "registry" with all the old settings having been deleted. Cannot access MS Office XP but can obviously install it again. Problem is how do I access all my old e-mails and setting within MS Outlook etc?
Please believe me it took a solid 9 hours to get my PC up and running again and reinstalling XP was the only option available.
I have Win Rescue XP which I ran to restore my old settings but at the log on screen to windows the mouse and keyboard refused to operate leaving me no option again but to reinstall XP. Any ideas on that problem.
Any assistance would be appreciated as it is not something I have had to deal with before as I do tend to overcome most problems but this has me stuck.
I have managed to regain some programmes but most of my serial numbers for software were contained within the old documents folders.

  howard60 20:12 10 May 2004

just a thought - do you access to another pc - you could put your hard disk in as a slave and then it might be possible to use explorer to open your old folders.

  interzone55 20:46 10 May 2004

You need to go to Explorer / Tools / Folder Options/ View scroll down to the bottom and remove the tick from Simple File Sharing.

Log off, log back in as an administrator account, you now have a new tab under the Properties called Security.

Go to a folder you're locked out of, right click, select Properties and the Security tab, now click the Advanced button at the bottom and select the Owner tab, in the top box is the current owner, ie you under your old guise, in the bottom box is headed Change Owner To, and lists everyone-else who uses the PC. Select your new ID, put a tick in the Replace Owner on Subcontainers and Objects (this just means all the sub-folders and files) and click Apply.

Now go get a brew, because Windows will now change the file properties of every file in the folder, if it's a biggy it could take a while.

Repeat for all the other folders you're locked out of.

  george 04:37 11 May 2004

Hi Alan,

There does not appear to be a "simple file sharing" in the view list.

  interzone55 08:51 11 May 2004

Are you using XP Home or Pro?

  george 13:40 11 May 2004

Hi Alan,
had switched on "File sharing" in an attempt to make the folders "shared" but this did not work either. Could this be the reason "simple file sharing" is not an option.

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