access my emails from another computer

  morters 15:35 24 May 2013

Can anyone explain in simple terms how I access my emails (and send them) from another computer on a different ISP and about 100 miles away? I have Googled various solutions but have become totally and utterly confused! I initially thought I’d see if I can use Hotmail but this seems to be being phased out.

My ISP is (now part of TalkTalk) but my emails are rerouted into Microsoft Outlook 2007. I have Windows 7. The other computer, a laptop, runs Windows XP and also has Microsoft Outlook 2007; the ISP is BT Broadband. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  Ian in Northampton 15:53 24 May 2013

You will almost certainly find that there is an option provided by to tell it to retain your emails on its server, as well as download them to Outlook. Right now, you have probably selected the option that says "once they're downloaded, delete them from the server". If you can do that, then you can log onto your email account from any PC. The other option is to sign up for something like Teamviewer or GoToMyPC which will enable you to view your desktop - and thus your Outlook files - from anywhere.

  Ian in Northampton 15:54 24 May 2013

Or, if you're open to the idea of using a different email address - something like googlemail allows you to exactly what you're talking about. I use it all the time.

  morters 15:58 24 May 2013

Thanks, Ian in Northampton, I'll see what if anything I can find on the Toucansurf mailbox.

  morters 16:07 24 May 2013

Can't find anything on the mailbox, and it's so long ago that I arranged things so that Outlook became my mailbox that i can't remember what or how I did it. Apart from 1 very recent email,the inbox is empty, as is the sent box.

  Woolwell 17:06 24 May 2013

There are a number of options.

If you can change from pop to imap this will allow you to see all of your emails (received and sent) on both of your systems.

You can change Outlook's settings to leave a copy on the server. This will allow you to see all incoming emails on both systems but not sent.

The smtp settings with toucansurf will be different from bt so to send the laptop will probably need the bt smtp settings.

Finally you can just use webmail and not use Outlook.

Googlemail can be used through Outlook in which case you will have similar snags unless you have chosen the imap version or through webmail.

  morters 17:22 24 May 2013

I'm so sorry, Woolwell, I don't think I understood any of that. Like I said, I got totally confused googling a solution.

First, what is pop and imap and how might I change from the first to the latter?

Second, where would I change Outlook's settings to leave a copy on the server?

I won't ask any more in case I can sort something out from the above two options. Incidentally, at the moment I only need to receive and send emails on the other computer for a few crucial days in next week or so.

  spuds 17:24 24 May 2013

I know you can get your email from using your own ISP username and password details, but not sure about sending email.

If you try this, then select the correct optional security level on the above website, before posting confidential details.

  morters 17:39 24 May 2013

spuds, tried the link but could only see unopened emails, and then when I tried the sent box option, everything disappeared so that when I returned to the inbox option I got a 'you have no emails' message. Thanks anyway for your suggestion.

  Ian in Northampton 17:49 24 May 2013

morters: have a look at GoToMyPC. I believe for a single user, it's free. You install a piece of software on your PC, and then you can access your PC - including Outlook - from any other PC in the world by simply going to the GoToMyPC web site. I used it for a long time (before my company banned it) and it's great. Given that you only need the facility for a few days, this may turn out to be the easiest option. (It's not any old crap either - it's from Citrix, who are behind many of the secure systems that major corporates use.)

  morters 18:15 24 May 2013

Thanks, Ian in Northampton. If nothing else crops up I'll go for that - it's free for a 30-day trial.

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