Access to ms word is blocked on windows 2000me

  browsing 22:32 02 May 2008

I recently got bt broadband installed on dell computer. Now I cannot access Ms word on the MS 2000 ME programmes. A friend has tried to reinstall Word using the original disc. When I try to access word a notice appears to the effect that the following information will be used by your Word InStallation.I do enter the requesteed user name, initials,and a 25 character cd key no.It refuses to accept this number.I have found about three of these numbers on the computer but none seem to be valid.How can I overcome this problem. Everything else is working well on my seven year old Dell computer with broadband.

  jack 08:39 03 May 2008

I do not think the installation of BroadBand has anything to do with the 'Word' program Problem as such.
Please identify the exact operating system.
Go to 'My Computer'/ Help/ about. to find this.

If you have to 'Word' disk and the corrected key number. - This number will not be on the computer but on the accomanying documentation with the disk.
Run the disk and it should offer the opportunity to repair or reinstall.
Two usaeful sites
click here

click here

  browsing 22:33 03 May 2008

I found the correct key number on another disc in the original Microsoft Works Suite. I have now once again gained access to Word thanks to your information and advice.Again a million thanks.

  jack 10:38 04 May 2008

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