Access to ME issue

  Dddag 15:52 16 Mar 2005

On trying to backup my computer (running ME) i crashed badly. On recovery i get a very basic set of icons and a message saying my security settings will not allow active X actions, and will allow me to do nothing. In safe mode i only get c: and can look at the files but no more!

I need to recover some files before i can Upgrade to XP/buy a new computer.

Can any body help please before i spend a fortune to get this done 'proffesionaly'

  LastChip 23:48 16 Mar 2005

Can you not boot into safe mode and then use "System Restore" to return your computer to a previous date before the crash?

  Dddag 09:46 17 Mar 2005

Tried that, also tried restoring the registry. it is very frustrating looking at the files and not being able to do anything with them. Is there any way you can 'add a drive' eg pen or a: to the safe mode?

  LastChip 23:45 17 Mar 2005

How did you attempt it, via Regedit or from a DOS prompt?

  Dddag 09:34 21 Mar 2005

DOS prompt. If any one out there is putting off backups, DON'T!! you don't get any warning.

  LastChip 19:16 21 Mar 2005

You suggest this problem originated after an attempted computer backup.

How were you backing up your system?

  MGNM 19:41 21 Mar 2005

Dare I ask if you have recently carried out MS updates. If so, and if you can get into control panel, remove KB891711.

Long shot on my part I know but it has caused all sorts of problems, this update.

  Technotiger 19:43 21 Mar 2005

Hi, can you not re-install WinME over the top of everything, to get it running properly again, cos I don't think this would lose your files, if I remember correctly.


  Dddag 10:27 22 Mar 2005

Re Backup, Just a comment if you have not backed up do so, i have not backed my computer up for far to long. The backup did not cause the crash, i had not got that far!

WinME is pre installed OEM with no disks, so it is all or nothing to restore factory defaults, can any body suggest where i can get a disk.

Thanks for your help so far.

  woodchip 10:34 22 Mar 2005

Get a Win98se OEM boot floppy from click here tenth file down, put a floppy disc in comp and double click the downloaded file to create the boot floppy. Start with disc at A:\ type SCANREG /RESTORE from list choose a date before the problem to install then click enter

  Dddag 12:51 23 Mar 2005

SCANREG/RESTORE solution worked, fixing a 'problem with windows' at the same time.

Thanks for all help.

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