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  phildux 18:18 11 Apr 2005

i would like to build a access database program. i would like this database to tell us when our vehicles are due for inspection at 6 or 8 weeks intervals, and also MOT dates and Tax dates. could these be set to automaticly display 1 week in advance as a warning to any of the above mentioned events. is this project to big for a simpleton like me?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 18:34 11 Apr 2005

Do you have Microsoft Outlook as you could just set reminders on a Task / Appointment. This would be much simpler.

Or is there other data / reasons for having the database?

  phildux 18:39 11 Apr 2005

we have 40 vehicles in our fleet and 35 trailers. thought a database program would be much better.

  seedie 18:50 11 Apr 2005

Access is not an easy bird to pull, I think Excel
will be easier for you in this case, because you have a small amount of data and it is easier to learn.
whichever route you take

good luck


  lindyloo4 18:53 11 Apr 2005

I would agree with JaßîsFaß ˜. Outlook will be much simpler. Regardless of which program you use the initial set up will require the same amount of input for each vehicle/trailer, MOT date etc.

Outlook is really easy to use too !

  csqwared 19:27 11 Apr 2005

I'ld agree with seedie on Access - difficult beast to manage. If you are reasonbly conversant with Excel and don't need anything complicated I think that would be the easiest route. 8 columns across for type,VRM, tax date,mot date,service date, serv due,tax due, mot due. The first five columns have to have the data entered manually and the last three need conditional formatting to look back at date columns and show a colour when service,tax,mot are imminent. Then just update the date columns as required.


  phildux 19:51 11 Apr 2005

how would you conditional format a cell with a date, if a vehicle was lets say due for service this friday 15/04/05 and then again in eight weeks time how would i do that.

  wee eddie 20:01 11 Apr 2005

If you look through the various pre-written Databases. You should be able to find one that handles "Fleet Management"

Although you may have to buy this, some are free, a professionally written Database may add other fields that you had not considered useful, but other fleet managers had.

Try the M$ Office Disk, the Site click here , or Assistance click here , for more information

  wee eddie 20:03 11 Apr 2005

You may need to open the Database on a Daily basis as I don't know how to get a closed program to post information

  csqwared 21:19 11 Apr 2005

Trying to keep the sheet as simple as possible you could do (e.g) as follows :-

Assuming Cell A1 = Last Service Date (in dd/mm/yy format)

Cell A2 (Next service in dd/mm/yy format) = A1+56 (8 weeks hence) with conditional formatting "cell value is equal to A1+49" (7 days earlier than due date) and then format the cell to a colour/pattern. As each service is completed just change the date in Cell A1.

Any help??

  csqwared 21:22 11 Apr 2005

No sorry about that - won't work needs the now() function in there somewhere- sorry.

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