Access to DriveSpace compressed Floppies

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:26 29 Nov 2011

Can I ?

You can not open Drivespace floppies with windows XP

What you could do is create a bootable floppy that was created with Win98. The floppy must contain DRVSPACE.BIN that is normally placed there automatically with format /s. On the boot floppy create text file called DRVSPACE.INI and insert following line in it:


Assuming that your compressed disk is a floppy disk and you have one or two floppy disk drives then the above line will be correct. If your compressed drive is on hard disk or other media then you need the change the drive letter from B to the corresponding letter:


Once booted, you can access your compressed drive normal ways. If the compression used was Drivespace 2 then you can read/write to this drive. If the compression used was Drivespace 3 then do not attempt to write to it. The letter P in the above line represents the drive letter that will be assigned to the noncompressed portion of the drive. If you already have drive P then you should change it to any letter that is not in use. The number after the source drive B0 represents the number found in the name of the compressed image. So if the image name is DRVSPACE.000 then B0 is used, if the name is DRVSPACE.003 then B3 must be used.

To access DriveSpace compressed floppy with only one floppy drive available, after booting type B: , you will be prompted to change the diskette.

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