Access document on floppy won't open

  TommyRed 12:36 15 Jan 2004

I've got all my passwords on floppy but can't open them. I thought it was made with Office 2000 and as Office 2000 wasn't on my new PC, only Works 6, it wouldn't open. My Office 2000 disk was at my daughters so I loaded Office 97 but that wouldn't open it, this morning received the Office 2000 disk loaded it, after uninstalling 97, but still won't open it. Trying to open it just causes the PC to hang and do nothing, I have to restart it with the power button. Another file,OE that's on the floppy will open, so the floppy's ok. I tried to move it onto the C drive but just hung as before. It's obviously important I retrieve that particular file, Any ideas how? File was made using 98SE now on XP home. TIA TR

  Djohn 12:40 15 Jan 2004

Hi TommyRed. Instead of opening from the "a" drive, have you tried to do a copy to your desktop or a named folder, then open from there?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:43 15 Jan 2004

Did u make the file using backup on 98se? if so i dont think you can get xp to recognise the file,i had similar probs with my faves i backed up to floppy on 98se and xp home just didnt wanna know.


  Tog 12:50 15 Jan 2004

1. Try opening Access and then importing your data from the floppy into a new database.

2. Try running scandisk on the floppy.

  TommyRed 12:52 15 Jan 2004

Just tried that as soon as the file is highlighted it freezes the PC, btw the file is Passwords. Microsoft Access Application. If this helps.


As far as I know I didn't use backup. TR

  TommyRed 13:05 15 Jan 2004

Tried no.1, where's scandisk on XP home? TR

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:08 15 Jan 2004

open my comp right click your hard drive click the tools tab.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:09 15 Jan 2004

sorry thats for your hard drive.


  Tog 13:12 15 Jan 2004

It's present on 98SE & NT, just presumed XP would have it.

  TommyRed 13:39 15 Jan 2004


  Big Elf 13:43 15 Jan 2004

Go in a command line session (Start, Run enter cmd and click OK) and

type cd\ and enter

type a: and enter

type copy *.* c:\ and enter

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