Access Denied Problem when trying to restore

  tighmor 17:05 01 May 2008

Took a Backup using Vista Premium as I had to reinstall the operating System.

Trying to restore but only get to the screen to

Select a date. When I do the message is Disk is not accessable [it is an external drive which is on and usable otherwise]

Also have an image file which i can load as a virtual drive using O&O software.

This opens OK but all my Docs are in users folder and When I try to ope n it I get the message:

You do not have permission....

Hope someone can help


  Ditch999 17:21 01 May 2008

Can you access the external drive through Windows Explorer? If so try copying the files on to the Hard Disk and browsing to them from the Vista backup software.

  tighmor 17:39 01 May 2008

THe files are from 1 t and zipped. Tried opening one and it is taking forever!

Seems to be very user UNfrienndly!

Think my better bet is the Image file.

Any idea how to overcome the permission restriction?



  tighmor 20:23 01 May 2008

Foound the answer to the Image permission.

To disable Permissions::

1. Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> System Config
2. Continue through User Account Controls prompt
3. Select Tools -> Scroll down and select Disable UAC
4. Click Launch -> Reboot machine

Not the most secure way of operating a system with others on it so might not be suitable for people with others on the system but fine for me

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