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  freddy-firecracker 15:52 10 Sep 2007

Hi, i have a database set up at work held on a shared drive. I need to let multiple users access the database during the day all being able to save the database. I have the tables saved in a different folder with access to the forms in another folder. I have linked the tables from one database to the one used for updates. I am worried that users will be unable to save on the database as access will not be exclusive at any one time. Is there a way around this so that this can be done.



  Belatucadrus 16:08 10 Sep 2007

I'm no expert, but I don't think Access has problems with multiple users accessing tables simultaneously. I know Excel throws a wobbly if one tries to save to a sheet that somebody else has open, but I think Access is OK with it. I do however stand ready to be corrected as there's no way I can check this at the moment.

  silverous 19:52 10 Sep 2007

So you have split the database into a front end and back end and each user has their own copy of the front end? That's the way we do it and we've had no issues.

  skeletal 23:05 10 Sep 2007

If you have done as silverous has said, Access should be able to handle about 15 to 20 users playing with the db’s data simultaneously. This is only a guide, there are so many variables that you may get a bit more, or a bit less.

Make sure you have “split” the db, reading your post does not make this 100% clear to me so there may be some confusion (at least for me!).


  freddy-firecracker 20:36 11 Sep 2007


The DB is split to a front end back with the various tables only on the back end. The front end has the forms for user entry which is linked to the back end tables. Hope that makes sense. I have tried it today with 4 or 5 accessing at the same time without any problems.

  skeletal 22:05 11 Sep 2007

Yep, now makes perfect sense, and I would not expect problems. Luckily, it would seem you aren’t getting any either!

Hope it all continues OK.


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