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  livewire 11:59 06 Nov 2004

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If you take a look at the above image you can see that all i want to do is be able to add a Customer into the form and then check wehter the room is booked in another form. Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would be able to go about it?

Live Wire

  livewire 12:18 06 Nov 2004

Furthermore, if I wanted to remove a customer than I would need to delete his record.

However, if I do this I will have no back up data of him.

I assume I cant keep a record of customers becuase if I want to clear the room than he will dissappear from the database completely????

  whybe 13:18 06 Nov 2004

This is not a complete answer but it may point a way forward. In the first instance you need to create a relationship between the two tables, customer details to room reservation. This is done by one to one using primary key or many to many. It is a bit difficult to explain here but if you type 'link tables' into Access help it shows you how to go about it. To keep details of your customers I would not delete the information off the form but retain it and use the new record button at the base of the form when you need to enter details of a new customer.

  Diemmess 15:15 06 Nov 2004

If you are new to Access, be prepared for a long steep learning curve.

Livewire has already touched on the need for to or more tables(linked by common fields).

A record (a single set of entries) in one table is usually retained indefinitely. Related information of past records can be shown on the screen, and or printed any time you want.

If you want to make or recall bookings by one customer, or who has which room booked,you will need to have at least one field for dates in the bookings table.

The ever so complicated Northwind Traders sample database has endless examples of the way to do things.

Properly structured, an Access database can do almost anything, but it is no 5 minute quick-fix.

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