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  ElephantRhino 20:21 13 Sep 2004

I have a couple of (hopefully) simple questions to get me on my way - I'm using Access 97.

I've created a simple contact db which has Companies, Contacts, Activities tables. Companies is related to Contacts (1 to many, on CompanyRef), Companies and Contacts are related to Activities (both 1 to many, on CompanyRef and ContactRef respectively).

The data entry form, pulling all tables together using sub-forms is working great.

1. If I try and write a simple query, based on Company and Contacts to e.g. list Company name (from Companies) and Contact Name (from Contacts) I receive an error "Type mismatch in Join expression" I've tried changing the Join properties without effect and the relationship (based on data entry) is correct?

2. In the Northwind template, forms can be opened from a button within other forms by using the expression =OpenForms("formname") from the On Click property but this gives me an expression not found error. I want to use this function to open the related record in sub-forms.

Thanks for any help.

  Muckle 20:40 13 Sep 2004

I think your first error is to do with the format of the fields in each table not matching - try changing them to be the same.
Sorry no ida about the second question - it should work - check the naming of the subform?

  ElephantRhino 09:34 14 Sep 2004

You were right - the format was Autonumber in the primary table but text in the secondary - surprising that this worked for data-entry - changing to Number in secondary works.

I managed to solve the second issue using a Control wizard to input an event procedure. There's no reference to the =OpenForms command in Help so maybe it's been removed?

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