Access closing without saving

  Craig.m 19:15 17 May 2005

I have made a database for someone to do basic contacts management. To add a new contact I have used the switchboard to open an input form, on that form I have used a combo box linked to the categories table which ensures the correct category is used - and correct spelling. I thought this method would ensure less misplelled entries and such as there are seraches and mail merges based on these categories.

My problem is that I have put an exit form button on the form, as well as an add new entry, but if you go to the combo box and stop at any entry it then submits that entry and makes a record with just that single entry of a category. Is there any was i can exit a form and not save any entry made? This database is going to someone who is not too good with computers but he will invariably have a look around and test things like the combo boxes. I just want the option of exit without saving any changes to ensure there are not a lot of nearly blank entries.


  Craig.m 19:21 17 May 2005

As an addition to the above, it would be great to get a dialogue box that comes up asking if changes are to be saved and the option of yes or no.

Clueless how to bring that up though if it is possible.


  Access Moron 09:26 21 May 2005

Yes, it is possible to use access like this, all myou ave to do is use unbound forms and manipulate the records through code.

have a look at DAO(ac97) or ADO for examples of how to do this

  Craig.m 20:22 23 May 2005

I suppose the main problem is that I have no idea how to unbound them and control with code. the other one is: just what is "DAO(ac97) or ADO"


  Access genu 12:49 26 May 2005

DAO = Data Access Object.

ADO = Activex Data Object.

DAO was supercedded by ADO when Access 2000 came out.

an unbound form is a form that does not have a query behind it. all the controls on the form are populated by code and it is up to the programmer to develope a technique for saving the data back to the database.

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