Access to certain Websites

  TABBYCAT 11:42 25 Jun 2007

Why is it that when I use an Ethernet connection certain and only certain websites refuse to load. Use a USB connection and such sites load with no problem.
Likewise using an old fashioned dial-up, whilst slower, accesses all these sites.
I though Ethernet was the "in thing" these days. Strikes me as a waste of time.

  VoG II 21:01 27 Jun 2007


  TABBYCAT 11:34 28 Jun 2007

Examples of this problem include

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

Dare say there are others if I try.
List appears totally random, none of these sites have anything obvious in common - and all load perfectly well through a USB interface or a dial-up modem.
Meanwhile plenty of other sites load perfectly including via Ethernet.

  keef66 15:02 28 Jun 2007

must be something to do with network settings, but exactly what, I don't know.

  keef66 15:08 28 Jun 2007

settings / control panel / network connections. Highlight the offending network and click Repair?

have you got an ethernet card or is it built in to the motherboard?

R click My Computer / manage / device manager, and look under Network adapters. Any yellow exclamation marks?

  TABBYCAT 09:21 29 Jun 2007

Sorry, no joy.
No yellow exclamation marks.
Looks as though Ethernet is a waste of time - time I cannot afford. If it is as good as its claimed to be then why is it unusable?

  keef66 09:40 29 Jun 2007

Sorry I couldn't help. My experience was the reverse of yours; usb to cable modem was a bit flaky, adding a network card and connecting via ethernet and it's been ultra reliable for 2 years.

I'm sure it's something to do with either your network settings or your browser settings, but it needs someone with more knowledge than me.

Are you using Internet Explorer as a browser?

  TABBYCAT 12:05 29 Jun 2007

I am using Mozilla Firefox 2.0 but have tried Internet Explorer 7 - will not load on either.

What is so peculiar about certain apparantly unrelated sites when others load more than willingly?

This seems to fox everybody I've asked!

  keef66 12:08 29 Jun 2007

well if it's 2 different browsers affected the same way, and they work via the usb connection, it points squarely to a network issue. Did you try the control panel / network connections / repair?

Is the LAN socket on the motherboard or is it a separate network card?

  TABBYCAT 13:00 29 Jun 2007

As far as I know it is a separate network card.

Perhaps I'll try using the Ethernet connection on my laptop and see what this does.

Are you suggesting I have a hardware fault or is it a case of a tweak or two?

  keef66 13:23 29 Jun 2007

It's possible the network card, whether it's part of the mobo or a separate PCI card, hasn't got the right drivers.

It's also possible that something in network settings needs tweaking to allow these websites to display.

I'd be interested to hear the results of your laptop experiment

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