Access to BIOS problem

  Newuser2533 12:50 12 Apr 2009

In the book which accompanies the Motherboard it says that I need to press F2> during POST to access the BIOS, but this doesn't seem to work.
When the computer starts it goes straight to the Windows screen with only a flash of the black screen.
I need the black screen to slow down so I can see what key to press to access the BIOS....................I'm told that the information will be on this black screen.
As I said the black screen just appears and goes in a flash and there is no way one can read anything on it.
My Motherboard is ASRock N61P-GS/N61P-S with a NVIDA GeForce 6150SE/nForce 430.
My Computer is Windows XP 64-bit

  howard64 12:55 12 Apr 2009

normally the key to hit is the delete but it may be F1 or other F keys so try each in turn until you find it.

  DieSse 13:15 12 Apr 2009

If the manual says F2 - then it probably is. F2 is a common key to get to the BIOS.

From switch on, try tapping F2 continuously - you need to catch it at the right time, and you can't "slow the POST checks down until you get into the BIOS! Catch-22

  Technotiger 13:15 12 Apr 2009

As howard64 says - repeatedly press the Del key during boot.

  cream. 14:12 12 Apr 2009

You can freeze the post screen by hitting the pause key as the machine boots, but it will be luck if you hit it at the right time. To continue booting hit the enter key.

If F2 is a no go, try the delete key as mentioned above.

  cream. 14:15 12 Apr 2009

Just checked the motherboard manual. It is F2.

  Zeppelyn 14:29 12 Apr 2009

Are you maybe using a wireless keyboard which has not kicked in at that point as you need to enter BIOS to enable USB support, another Catch 22. Try a PS2 keyboard if this is the case.

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