Access 97 report new line in text box dilemma

  Morphy 15:54 21 Mar 2003

Im trying to create an Access 97 report, combining several fields in one text box, so that the contents of each field are on a seperate line, like this:


I got as far as: =[Field1] & [Field2] & [Field3]

but I cant figure what to put between each field so as to start a new line. Help!!

  cherria 16:48 21 Mar 2003

chr(10) is a linefeed and chr(13) is a carriage return, experiment with which you need, it may be both so you could have:

=[Field1] & chr(10) & chr(13) & [Field2] & chr(10) & chr(13) & [Field3]

  Morphy 10:49 24 Mar 2003

Ok, thanks cherria, slight problem, I tried that!

All I got was the first field, then the € character, and thats all.

So now I guess I've got to think outside the square (groan!!) and come up with a way of converting the € character to an actual carriage return.

Ideas anyone please?!

  Morphy 14:42 24 Mar 2003

OK, just realised what the problem is.

You were right, cherria, those codes were what I needed, except instead of putting it chr(10) & chr(13), I had to put it chr(13) & chr(10).

Why it was so pernickity I've no idea.

Thanks for your help anyway.

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