Accesing a wireless network in a public place.

  Craigmave 22:33 18 Apr 2004

Hi i am just wondering what equipment i would need to access hot spots in city centres if there is such a thing. Many thanks.

  johnnyrocker 23:36 18 Apr 2004

bt have been advertising various wireless points available at stations/airports etc cant remember what the facility is called but if you click here and click here you should find satisfactory answers.


  Forum Editor 23:52 18 Apr 2004

a laptop or PDA equipped with a wireless network adapter, and you'll need to pay for access.

I've tried several of these Hotspots - one was run by BT in my local cinema/bowling alley/restaurant complex - and have mixed feelings about them. One the one hand I'm all for being able to communicate wherever I am, but on the other hand I tend to feel a tad foolish sitting there in a Pizza restaurant with my laptop on the table. I took my 19 year old daughter along as cover - she thought I was terribly sad, and said she can't envisage ever wanting to answer her email whilst waiting for a deep-pan Country feast with extra cheese and extra sweetcorn.

The quality of the wireless connection was excellent - unlike the trial Hot-Spot in Hong Kong airport, which was like trying to connect to someone in the Crab Nebula it was so slow.

  johnnyrocker 23:57 18 Apr 2004

i must admit that walking around with a laptop looking for net access is i feel a bit over the top but each to his own as long as we dont forget the phrase (time for myself)


  Craigmave 08:28 19 Apr 2004

ok thanks everyone...

  PUNKA 12:59 19 Apr 2004

The theft of Laptops from these new areas are of high priority on chancers wish lists, if you are using your lappie in one of these places and have cause to be distracted, or leave your m/c for any reason, then make sure you have a suitable lock to keep it where you left it. unless of course you wear your undies over your trousers, and have a big S on the front of your spandex vest.


  byfordr 13:15 19 Apr 2004

click here

May be on interest...


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