Acceptable VPN speed drop?

  Wanderfly 22:05 05 Aug 2014

Hi all

I'm in the long haul airline world and like to be able to watch iPlayer etc when downroute. Trouble is of course they only work in the UK. Thus I pay ibVPN to make it look like I'm in the UK. Alas, I find that they slow things down too much for a decent video experience. Hotel internet speeds don't tend to help.

Undoubtedly there must be some internet speed drop associated with using a VPN provider, but how much of a drop is acceptable/how little drop do the best providers have?

Thanks in advance


  Batch 11:22 06 Aug 2014

Can't comment on ibVPN, but it would not surprise me if the issue is more to do with the hotel Internet than the VPN.

Have you tried using ibVPN at home (i.e. with decent Internet)? If so, is that OK or not?

  Wanderfly 15:22 19 Aug 2014

Hi there

You're right, traditionally hotel wifi is rubbish however, I do a Speedtest prior to launching iBVPN and then one afterwards and it can drop massively. So, if you're already starting from a rubbish hotel speed, streaming any video is a complete non starter!



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