Acceptable CPU temp?

  Stowit 19:56 01 May 2004

The cooler the better I'm sure. I've just put a Zalman flower cooler with fanmate in to quieten down my noisy PC. My Speeze h/s & fan kept the CPU about 26 degrees but was bloody LOUD. I looked after leaving the fan on as slow as possible, it was 44 degrees !! (30 degrees on full speed, but not silent) I want it quiet & am going to fit a case fan as it's definatly warm in the case. However, I also want to ensure a healthy system. What temp should I aim for does anyone think? I know it shouldn't exceed 70 degrees, but don't want it near that. It's a Northwood 2.8 P4.

  woodchip 20:04 01 May 2004

Anything over 50c and I would be looking to see what the problem was

  Stowit 20:08 01 May 2004

Thanks Woodchip, so as long as its < 50 I'm ok?

  woodchip 20:11 01 May 2004

It should be but if you play games you may have probs as the temp will rise

  woodchip 20:12 01 May 2004

PS you may be able to set BIOS to switch of at 60c like I have done with my comp

  Stowit 20:12 01 May 2004


  radi8or 20:20 01 May 2004


I'm only running a P4 2.0 temps are between 44-49 also running Zalman flower with a 92mm fan, turn it down when not doing much, turn it up when working it, is a wee bit noisy tho.

Do you have the Zalman fan mount if so how about fitting two 80mm fans off centre of HS and run at 2/3 speed, also cures dead spot in centre of single fan.

An exhaust fan at the back of your case will certainly help

Regards Bob

  Stowit 10:59 02 May 2004

Yet again your help as been apreciated. I have the facility & will set the Bios to turn off should the temp get too high, & believe more fans slower running are better than 1 fast one for noise/cooling. I'll definatly invest in a case fan. A bit premature resolving this as now it's thrown up some more questions! My Mobo has a 3 pin system fan connection for 'sys',(like CPU fan 'socket') that I could use for an additional CPU fan as bob sugests, but presumably the case fan/fans would then be powered direct from the PSU. Are there fan mate type devices with Molex plugs on? Are these case mounted speed controlers (knobs on case front) equiped with molex or 3 pin mobo type connectors? I was hopeing once I'd sorted the cooling out (case fans etc) I'd not be adjusting the fan speeds under normal use. Or is it now a case of 'it has an adjuster it will need adjustment.' The idea of the Zalman was quiet cooling. I dont want 3 fans running full chat!

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