AC97 Sound, HOW do you adjust the BASS/Treble?

  AnthonyB 05:46 11 Apr 2004


I have noticed that when adjusting volume etc on my Sound card (onboard AC97) that the Bass and Treble are "Dimmed". I would like to know why I can't adjust these settings (bass/Treble) - will "Drivers" help?



  Brian-336451 06:46 11 Apr 2004

Let me know too, on my laptop running XPPro, I still have the same problem.

I use Creative Travelsound plug in speakers which are excellent and Media Player 9 at least allows you to adjust bass and treble using the Graphic Equalizer.

So until I get an answer to your question I shall continue doing it this way.

Good luck

  Gongoozler 09:01 11 Apr 2004

As far as I can tell, there are no bass and treble controls in the AC'97 chip set. I have found the manufacturers user guide for my SoundMax chip, and it has no mention of these controls click here.

There is really no need for a tone control, the chipset is designed to accurately translate the signal data. Tone controls are to compensate for deficiences in the speakers and environment, hence my speakers have tone controls.

  Gongoozler 09:06 11 Apr 2004

According to this site click here, you may have a registry setting to allow AC,97 tone controls, Hkey_Local_machine/ System/ Current Control Set/ Services/ Class/ Media/ 0001/ config, then change "Allow Tone Controls for AC97" from 00 to 01. I don't have this option in my registry.

  westdudes 09:55 11 Apr 2004

in the bottom right hand corner in task manager thingy a sound max control panel?or can you bring one up? thats if im thinking of the right model?

  westdudes 09:57 11 Apr 2004

sorry read it wrong
i looked and so the word soundmax and thought it was urs for some unknown reason
apologise...i have ac97 chipset on my laptop so me shall be sure ive seen it somewhere.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:14 11 Apr 2004

I have full equaliser controls on my AC97 and I think I downloaded this here (not 100% sure) which adds a sound and effects controller to the taskbar. The sound from the card, through Labtecs, is as good as ANY soundcard.


My mobo came with Xear3d on the cd,which gives my ac97 a 10 band mixer.

  Gongoozler 12:36 11 Apr 2004

AC'97 is a specification by Intel for a 20-bit audio architecture for the PC. In this specification output tone controls are optional click here. How these specifications are interpreted and what features are included is up to the chip manufacturers, and the drivers are specific to each version of the AC'97 chip. To find what features are in the chip on your motherboard you need to identify the motherboard make and model.

  Stuartli 12:52 11 Apr 2004

Tone controls are normally available within the audio utility/drivers set for your onboard or sound card output, or try Sound and Audio Devices from Control Panel.

  broggs 13:16 11 Apr 2004

Have a look on the microstar website as I think that is where I got my drivers for my onboard ac 97 sound.I also have a ten band graphic equaliser AND 5.1 surround sound.

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