abuse - sending unsolicited email

  [DELETED] 11:15 25 Nov 2003

I have received a letter from my ISP saying that my account has been used for sending unsolicited email, and they threaten to clode my account. I have not been sending unsolicited email from my account and I do not run any mail servers. Is it possible for someone to impersonate my email/IP and send unsolicited email ?

  [email protected]@m 11:27 25 Nov 2003

I believe it is possible, I've seen it mentioned before. Your ISP should know that, so contact them. They are saying you are originating spam.

  [DELETED] 11:56 25 Nov 2003

What does the email say exactly? Can you post it here? Does it include a link to repsond to? Are you sure it is from your ISP? Do you have decent virus protection. I believe that some trojans can send email without you knowing about it.

  [DELETED] 11:56 25 Nov 2003

i had a similar problem with my e-mail, i have a dsl link and they changed all of my e-mail server smtp' sbecause people were bouncing e-mail through the satalite server.

on another e-mail subject, i get maybe twenty e-mails per day, loans, pills, porn, ect... these come mainly through my tiscali accounts, is it possible to reply to these accounts, say on mass and block there server up as all of these e-mails are getting me annoyed perhaps somebody could come up with an idea to mass mail the mass mailers.

  [email protected]@m 12:01 25 Nov 2003

Pesala, totem got a letter. :-)

  [DELETED] 15:34 25 Nov 2003

What’s a letter? A, B, C, D sort of letter or do you mean one of those things that used to come through your front door? (~_~)

  [DELETED] 15:35 25 Nov 2003

[email protected]@m is pointing out the first line reads "I have received a LETTER from my ISP...."

  [DELETED] 15:38 25 Nov 2003

1) Change your e-mail password.

2) Make sure you have no viruses (click here is Free) as some can be used to sned e-mail from your PC!!!

3) Write back to the ISP and state your case clearly.

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