Absolutely amazing, in less than 24 hours ...

  Mr Jarndyce 18:57 12 May 2006

To all my fellow pc enthusiasts’ thank you very much for all your excellent tips and advice to tackle the job of endeavouring to remove the engrained seagull poo from my brand new brass plaque that had only been in place less than 18 hours before it was defaced. Much of what was written did make me smile and I appreciate it was not computer related but nevertheless I do value your advice and guidance on things.
I live at the seaside you see, and I live in a basement flat and I was mentioning to father over the telephone how bizarre it was that many people nowadays seem not to know where or what a ‘basement’ flat is and when the regular postman is not on the rounds I seem to get my neighbours mail through my letter box and they seem to get mine and I could tell by the tone of the old lady’s voice who lives on the top floor when she had telephoned me for the 7th time to come and collect my mail from her door mat because it once again had been incorrectly been posted through her letter box and she can’t walk down the 7 steps to my basement flat because she says her back is not too good that something had to be done. So father purchased for me a brass plaque sorted out that had ‘Basement Flat’ written on it with an arrow pointing to my front door so now hopefully the non regular post person, mini cabs drivers’ and pizza’ lads will know that I am not 50 or 50A but Basement Flat 50.
I’m going to try my best to remove the seagull poo on Monday I shall let you know how I got on.


  Diodorus Siculus 19:17 12 May 2006

Thanks for the feedback! Makes me smile!

  tony58 19:28 12 May 2006

roll on monday

  bluto1 19:59 12 May 2006

What a lovely break from PC or IT. The only problem I`ve got is whether the seagull poo
is a virus. Truly you can never tell until the
entrails of your OS are hard set in drying seagull poo. Just a thought!!!

  J B 20:29 12 May 2006

That was one of the best threads I have had the pleasure of reading for a long long time. I am glad to see that once again someone can write with a sense of humour. Hope to hear from you again. J.B.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:42 12 May 2006

What's a postman?

  Mad Mick 23:24 12 May 2006

The postman couldn't find you but the seagull certainly did!!

  Stuartli 23:38 12 May 2006

I also live in a seaside resort.

I don't have a brass plaque, but a seagull has never invaded my territory to date.

However, the local blackbirds, pigeons etc certainly manage to hit my car every time, first time...:-)

As for the postman, he has no problems, but clearly you do if you ignore seven requests to climb seven steps to collect your mail.

Is it because you have too many bills?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:34 13 May 2006

Sadly I don't think it will make it through the weekend (the thread I mean, not the plaque!).

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