Absolute beginner Flight Simulator

  Guardsman2 15:12 30 Nov 2008

Hi out there. I am a 'Silver Surfer'. I would love to be able to have a Flight Sim. that is easy to use. Have tried Microsoft Flight Sim...far to complex for me. Need something really simple, just want to take off, cruise around and land...nothing fancy. Minimum controls. Does not have to be modern aircraft. WW1 types OK by me. Even Helicopters. My set up is a PC with Quad Core Processer, 3GB RAM, a decent Graphics Card, plenty of spare disc space on my 320GB Hard Disc. If anyone out there can help guide me in the right direction, I will be extremely grateful. Guardsman2

  Diemmess 15:28 30 Nov 2008

Its 3 or four years since I last loaded a MS flight simulator game (WW2 Combat simulator), but I can understand how you are feeling

Perhaps your best route is to acquire an older version. I have the 98 version and even that offers immensely complex things to do.

Shun (at this stage) a wealth of complicated and expensive addons, and just get used to circuits and bumps in the variety of nmachines in the programme

I prefer the instant action of Combat F/S though the second CD in that series, war in the pacific, I never grew to love - The Japs got me much too often/soon.

The basic flight simulator has no combats and I suppose rewards those who take it very seriously, fly very accurately, sticking to the rules and if not bored to tears feel satisfaction doing what others have told you to do.

  tristar 15:57 30 Nov 2008

As a retired aviator might I suggest you avoid helicopter simulators? They can be a b****r to fly.
As Diemmess suggests Combat F/S is probably the best way to get into it, they are not so demanding of piloting skills and let you learn while having fun.

  Technotiger 16:27 30 Nov 2008

Hi, I have two Flight Sims that I no longer use as I have FSX Deluxe among others - you are welcome to have them FOC, Flight Unlimited II and M'soft Combat Flight Sim (WWII Series).

If you would like these you can contact me via my Yellow Envelope!

Well, it is nearly Xmas.

  LastChip 17:10 30 Nov 2008

click here for a free flight simulator. The little Cessna 150 is OK to fly and has simple controls.

The version I tried defaulted to San Francisco airport, but you can change that to one of the UK ones. I tried it in Linux and wrote a short review: click here but it's available for Windows too.

  octal 18:40 30 Nov 2008

I have used both the MS flightsim and the Flightgear one and I find the Microsoft one far easier to fly than the Flightgear one.

Make sure you get a decent joystick, trying to fly it with the keys is virtually impossible. The other bit of advice is be patient with yourself, it takes time and practice, practice, practice, eventually you will find you will crash less after a time.

All the Flightsims have a very good flying manual witch is well worth reading, they usually start off with the basics to get you started.

There's nothing I like more than flying my Dash 7 into London City Airport, that's a real challenge, as is flying into Innsbruck between the mountains.

Good luck and happy flying.

  Forum Editor 19:13 30 Nov 2008

I can confirm the advice offered by tristar - avoid helicopters if you wish to retain your sanity, at least to begin with.

I plunged headlong into Microsoft Flight Sim (courtesy of those nice people in the Microsoft Press office). I've been flying as a passenger for many years, and as an avid fan of the 747 I thought I would take one for a spin; after all, how hard can it be?

Having wiped out Manchester airport on my first attempt at landing I realised that it's not so simple after all, although after much practice I can now fly a heavy jet from London to Berlin and back without any casualties. You might find that it comes to you more easily than you think - it's all about being in the right frame of mind, and practising until the cows come home.

  Technotiger 19:17 30 Nov 2008

I am surprised that I have not had any contact from Guardsman2 yet!

FOC means just, I do not want payment!

  octal 19:22 30 Nov 2008

I've just noticed my typo:


It should have read which of course, no, I can't fly broomsticks yet :)

  Miké 21:15 30 Nov 2008

I am an experienced private pilot with an IMC instrument rating and I can't master flight sims,

I think it's the lack of any real physical feedback.

  Condom 21:47 30 Nov 2008

I've sunk god knows how many aircraft carriers trying to land on their decks. Practice, sink... practice sink.. etc. Seems you need to keep in mind coming down that your actually landing at 90 ft above sea level and not zero feet but who remembers that when all you see in a bl***y big ship zooming up at you. Great fun when you can do it.

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