Absolute beginner - basic advice please

  Trikie 21:04 20 Nov 2005

I am secretary of a sports club and our website is run by a members grandson. He took it over from a former member- its at least 5 years old. I have sat in whilst he has been updating it and it looks very complicated.

He now has too little time to keep it fully up to date and I'm wondering whether there are now easier programs that I could use to do it all myself. Topics to include are News, Event dates, Photos plus a facilty for other members to add event results.

I have seen a DIY site that does this but found it incredibly confusing to navigate.

Assuming I can find and use a suitable program what are the mechanics of getting it on the web? The current program is still provided by the original author - grandson has the password for updates which have to be done over a dial-up link at least once every 36 days. Missing this involved a payment to reinstate the site, so presumably it is still being paid for by the original author (he is in IT).

Is a change of name going to be unavoidable? Presumably redirection from the current site would involve the 36 day link.

Do new sites still have to use dialup for updates?

All advice and suggeastions (preferably in baby language) will be very welcome.


  Trikie 21:06 20 Nov 2005

Should have also asked about the Serif programme on this months cover disc. I'm using XP which is not mentioned in the spec - was this an oversight? Also does it handle photos - not mentioned.

  Trikie 23:11 20 Nov 2005

Thanks fourm member.
We have our own domain name - clubinitials .co .uk and I believe that the original author pays for it. I might be able to contact him, but presumably the updating will be dialup. I'm on broadband and don't want to get too complicated.

Is this enough to let you be more specific?

  mco 23:44 20 Nov 2005

I'm not an expert but I can't see why the updating of any site should have to be dial-up - certainly if you're on broadband you should be able to make alterations via your broadband connection. Might it have been that the original author was on dial-up himself and always updated it that way? The Serif web is reasonably ok to do a website and it will certainly sort out your photos or anything else you might need.

  Trikie 17:57 21 Nov 2005

The programming of the existing site is far too complex, hence my request for a basic programme. Does this months cover Serif CD work with XP?

Perhaps fourm member can come up with some advice now that I've explained a bit more.


  mco 18:06 21 Nov 2005

Forummember - I wondered if maybe trinkie meant literally 'my club's initials' with co.uk - as they didn't want us to know the actual domain name. But, trinkie, it might help if you would be able to post it if you don't mind. Also, yes, Serif web can be used on XP

  Forum Editor 18:34 21 Nov 2005

You do not have to use a dialup connection to update a web site - under any circumstances. You can use your broadband connection.

Secondly, any web host who tells you that you need to pay to reinstate a site unless you update it at least once every 36 days doesn't deserve to be in business, and I would advise you to look for another host as soon as possible.

Do you know what software the previous person was using? It might help to get you started if you could use the saqme program, although it's not essential.

You will not need to change the domain name - it will stay as it is, provided you make sure the registration is renewed when the current period expires. This is what I would do:-

1. Find out who registered the domain name as a matter of urgency. If it was registered to the original site designer get him/her to transfer it to you, or to a nominated club official. This is very important, as failure to renew will result in loss of the name. The domain name registrar will send the renewal notice to the person who is nominated as the administrative contact, and although this doesn't have to be the person to whom the name is registered it is normally the case.

2. Change your web host. This is simple to do, but sort this name situation out first. Then we'll step you through the procedure for moving to a new (and better) host.

3. Find out about the software that was used to design/maintain the site.

4. Post a link to the current site (just type the address), so one of us can take a look - we can tell you a great deal more (and help you better) once we've seen it.

  Trikie 20:58 21 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone. The site is click here.

Getting all the info and preparing to transfer the domain name before I know what I'm committing to puts me in an awkward spot. My grandson stepped in when the original author left the club and, although willing, couldn't find the time to keep it up to date. Grandson's passion is designing websites and the current one is his second version. However his available time for updating is becoming very limited, hence me looking into the possibility of doing something but at a far more basic level. I would like to know if it's within my capability before doing anything positive and perhaps upsetting him.

Having sat alongside him on update sessions I know that he makes extensive use of a specialised programme (lots of coded commands) but don't know which one it is. I know he used Dreamweaver for the previous version.

Is this any help?


  Trikie 21:01 21 Nov 2005

Should have said that grandson is having a problem with the Photos page - he's been working on it but still struggling (which makes me wonder if I could manage......)

  ally99 22:40 21 Nov 2005

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  ally99 22:44 21 Nov 2005

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