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  Tycho 19:56 10 Sep 2008

I have been having difficulty with BBC iPlayer this evening.

At about 15 minute intervals the iPlayer stops working in that no further sound is heard. I have tried to restart it several times and on more than one occasion I have seen About: Blank appear in the address bar of the small iPlayer window. Does this mean that the computer is infected with About: Blank or am I panicking unnecessarily?

I am running an AVG whole computer scan but it has not come up with anything yet.


  Tycho 20:12 10 Sep 2008

The AVG scan has completed and has shown warnings for loads of tracking cookies but nothing else.


  mgmcc 22:28 10 Sep 2008

About:Blank is the address used for a blank page in the web browser. I don't like having a "home page" in my browsers, I prefer them to open with a blank page so, in the settings, my home page is set to "About:Blank".

  Tycho 17:13 11 Sep 2008

That is a relief. the only other time that I had seen about:blank was when a collegues laptop had a particularly nasty infection.


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