007al 01:20 31 Jan 2006

In the bottom left of IE page,when a site is loading,it comes up with the above name before the site name.I know about:blank can be a highjacker,but my home page is ok.The sites open up slowly,so im thinking this is not right.Anyone know of a tool to fix it?AVG,Spycatcher A Squared,Adaware and Ewido have found nothing.

  Gringo2005 07:28 31 Jan 2006

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Try CWShredder, might be a CoolWeb hijack attempt

  rawprawn 09:05 31 Jan 2006

There is a hijacker called about blank, but I think the one you are seeing is part of Windows. I had it myself at one time and did some research on the net. It turned out to be harmless, srangely it has since disappeared.
I will have another look at about:blank

  rawprawn 09:10 31 Jan 2006

click here scroll down and look at the screenshot of how the hijack version of about blank shows. The other suggestion by
Gringo2005 is a good one and if you have the malware that should get rid of it.

  007al 17:58 31 Jan 2006

Thanks,ran CWShredder,and came up clear.
rawprawn,you say you had it,and its now disappeared.Ive had no browser highjacks,but it just seems to take longer to load a page up and about:blank shows before the web address shows.In the time about:blank shows,the page stays white for around 4 or 5 seconds,which made me think something was wrong.

  jacqueline_1969 18:51 31 Jan 2006

I like this scanner for adware and spyware removal. It gives manual removal instructions for anything it finds. It is completely free.

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