About this superior OS

  woodchip 20:31 30 Nov 2005

If XP is so superior to Win98se Why do people have more problems with it? including me. I do not have to keep updating 98 nor does it crash and need constant work. It needs more maintenance than a Car, If you had to do this with your motor you would never get to work

  csqwared 20:34 30 Nov 2005

Shouldn't this be in Speakers Corner?


  VoG II 20:36 30 Nov 2005

My experience is exactly the opposite. W98 was unstable, ME more so. I very rarely have a problem with XP.

I suspect that you will see more threads about XP on here simply because more people are using it compared to W98.

  Totally-braindead 21:13 30 Nov 2005

I was a Win98 SE user for quite a few years and was happy with it especially compared to Win 95 which could be a nightmare, I find XP to be much more stable, a bit of a system hog admitedly but much more stable than 98 was. I think VoG™ has nailed it saying that more people are using XP than 98 hence the number of posts.

  User-312386 21:15 30 Nov 2005

I agree with VoG™ on this one mate.

98SE was not as stable as XP and i dont have many problems with it at all

  ade.h 21:15 30 Nov 2005

I would have to agree with VoG. All the Win 9x installations that I've ever had were flaky and troublesome. XP has, bar a few annoying glitches, been largely trustworthy.

  mammak 21:20 30 Nov 2005

Got to agree with VoG™ and Totally-braindead xp is the one for me Woodchip you are a 98se man I think if its not broke dont fix it concerns you stick with what you are comfortable with.
kindest regards Mammak.

  VoG II 21:24 30 Nov 2005

You might be able to revert to 98 click here

  SG Atlantis 21:27 30 Nov 2005

Just wait til they roll out Vista!

  woodchip 21:28 30 Nov 2005

I do all my main work on 98 and find it better does not as above, hog resources the same for me. And will continue to back 98se, remember Flecc and his fast win98 OS. Not many on hear will remember that.

  Chegs ®™ 21:41 30 Nov 2005

I do,in fact I've still got SPEEDOS on CD from Flecc.I was content with 98se,switched to XP as 98se could no longer be used for my purposes.I agree XP is very stable,but have still had BSOD's with it,and finding the cause was a nightmare.In 98se,networking for example requires reboots after every single change,XP will allow you to meddle with IP addresses in "real-time" and rarely needs a reboot.My 98se used to be active for days at a time,only crashing if I tried to use it.XP will stay active for weeks and when you want to use it,no problem just move the mouse and off you go.

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