About to re-install XP,

  AngeTheHippy 12:56 10 Oct 2004

Morning Chaps, as the title says, about to fully re-install XP. When I get to the page that asks 'do I want to delete partition1', do I? The choices are:
a) partition1 - 114466mb (or a similar number to that..)or
b) can't remember what the choice was called, but the size of that partition was 8mb.

I actually re-formatted on Friday, and managed to get virus/spyware IMMEDIATELY I went online, even though the first site I went to was the norton updates. I feel bloo*y unlucky and VERY p&&&&d off.

Please can you advise whether I delete option a) (above), cos I'm pretty sure I did on Friday with the first re-install, as I had help from Evesham at the time - thet're not there Sundays...

I'm also noticing that in task manager, there are quite a few processes running - I wondered whether Isass.exe OR lsass.exe was actually an infection... the CPU usage is normally around 3-10%, but then it shoots up to 100% and stays there - when I look in processes, the items that's using the cpu is at 99, and svhost.exe - and there are 5 svhost.exe's running...


  stalion 13:01 10 Oct 2004

This is info on Issas.exe a nasty virus that shuts your computer down,but you need to make sure it is spelt correctly as there is another similar file for windows
click here

  AngeTheHippy 13:05 10 Oct 2004

yeah, I've been reading about it, which makes me think that's what it is. My PCs racing away at 100% cpu right now, with this svhost.exe using 98% cpu. It's really getting me down.


  Dorsai 13:07 10 Oct 2004

Well, can confirm that 5 svchost.exe also running on mine.


If i remember there is a virus with this name, that puts itself in a different place to the non-virus version.

click here

  stalion 13:13 10 Oct 2004

if you have Issass.exe you can not normally start your computer normally or in safe mode so you are stuck with a re-install

  stalion 13:18 10 Oct 2004

are you still useing your computer at the moment
because svhost is a virus and not the Issass.exe
virus.If you are run a scan with this
click here

  stalion 13:26 10 Oct 2004

info here click here

  AngeTheHippy 15:08 10 Oct 2004

on the recovery disk that asks 'do u want to delete partition1, 114466mb, or the other partition which is 8mb' do I delete a partition, or just carry on?


  961 16:19 10 Oct 2004

Two sites that will help are

click here

and Microsoft kb article 315341

Although I don't know how your computer is configured it is likely that the smaller partition is the hidden one that contains the system files, and the larger one is the one that you will need to re-install

If you delete the partition you will lose all your files, but if you did this on Friday with a clean install they have probably gone anyway

  961 16:30 10 Oct 2004

The virus is isaas.exe starting with a lowercase i

The system file is lsaas.exe starting with lowercase l as in love

You'll get details on removal from the regular virus software sites such as McAfee and Norton

  bretsky 16:38 10 Oct 2004

For svchost.exe http:// support.microsoft.com/?kbid=314056

and for lsass.exe click here

bretsky ;0)

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