about outlook express and "preview pane"

  end 00:35 19 Jun 2004

I can get my e mails into outlook express if I want to, but what is this "preview pane" thing I ve seen mentioned elsewhere; my worry is that if I open THAT whatever that si, and the e mail has a virus, can tHAT get onto my computer??...sometimes I would like to be able to see the messages without actiully opening thm just to see what ridiculous rubbish might be there;; doe sthe preview pane allow that and how do I enable it?? I THINK I may already HAVE it on here.....and does not previewing " allert" the sender that the address is "active"????..I know I "may be asking an obvious question" , but..."into the swimming pool for a lesson"......

  hugh-265156 00:41 19 Jun 2004

click view/layout and then tick 'show preview pane'

to preview messages waiting for you without opening or even downloading them use mailwasher click here you can then safely preview them without risk and choose which are safe to download.

  g0slp 00:46 19 Jun 2004

That should have been UNCHECK 'show preview pane'.

huggyg71 is correct about using Mailwasher to preview your mail.

  end 00:47 19 Jun 2004

hitch; cannot get to "preview pane "section as it is all greyed out, so cannot "tick" anything...

  g0slp 00:49 19 Jun 2004

Sorry chaps - huggyg71 was answering how TO open preview pane - I'll get my coat....

However, the Preview pane is a way of letting nasties into your computer, so best to use Mailwasher or similar & keep the preview pane disabled.

(disappears into the night looking for a hole to fall into...) :-(

  g0slp 00:53 19 Jun 2004

Are the square box and words "Show preview pane" greyed out? The text etc below them are greyed out if the square box isn't ticked.


  hugh-265156 00:54 19 Jun 2004

no g0slp i ment tick. as end wanted to see what it does. untick to disable.

end you will need to be in your inbox or any other folder group first. there will be no preview pane option to tick if in the welcome screen.

  beeuuem 00:55 19 Jun 2004


If you open the Inbox and then go to View/ Layout the check box for the Preview box should be active.

  hugh-265156 00:57 19 Jun 2004

ps. i dont really like using the preview pane as it may allow attachments to open.

click tools/options/security and tick 'do not allow attachments to be viewed or opened that may contail a virus'

preview pane should be safe to use then but as above mailwasher is the safest bet.

  end 10:55 19 Jun 2004

thanks, peoples; will "have a go" at this lot later sometime and repost my lack of progress(!!!), but right now, have made ANOTHER post as cannot open a web page!!!!!!that I need for a legal thing I am involved with!!!!!so...offf to create THAT post!!!
c ya folks

have printed that lot out and will report back.....

do some ouf you NEVER sleep (!!!)

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