About to install dvd writer and HDD

  herc182 14:22 27 Nov 2004

Anything i need to know before doing so (since this is the first thing i have ever installed in my computer...apart from RAM!).

master slave issues? can you only have one master?


  Cook2 14:29 27 Nov 2004

IDE1 has Master and slave, you could leave your existing HD as master, set the new one to slave.

IDE2 also has master and slave. I would set the new DVD to master and set and use existing CD-ROM as slave.

The master should be connected to the end connector and slave to the secondary connector several inches down the ribbon.

There are spare connectors for power.

It's quite straightforward. As it's your first time, spend a minute or two seeing where the secondary connectors and power plugs are.

  Rayuk 14:39 27 Nov 2004

You may also have to reset the jumpers on the back of the drives to master and slave
It should have a diagram on the drive itself showing where to place the jumper

  Cook2 15:27 27 Nov 2004

Whoops! Thanks Rayuk, I should have made that a bit clearer, as it's herc182's first time.

  herc182 15:33 27 Nov 2004

i have installed the two drives but they do not appear on my computer. looks like the computer doesnt recognise them. what do i do now?

  herc182 15:46 27 Nov 2004

have downloaded discwizard from seagate. what cluster size am i supposed to use? i want NTFS and am setting the partitions. should i leave the default cluster size (i.e. 4k)??

  herc182 15:50 27 Nov 2004

actually, is there much advantage over fat32 or NTFS?

  herc182 16:01 27 Nov 2004

ok hard drive ok. cant seem to install dvd writer....

  SEASHANTY 16:50 27 Nov 2004

How to Install a front loading drive
click here

  herc182 17:12 27 Nov 2004

everything ok now. i forgot to connect the IDE cable for the DVD writer..... silly me.....

thanks for all your help people

  Rayuk 17:30 27 Nov 2004

You are not the first one to do that :-) or the last.

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