Abnormal Start Up WinMe

  sutemil 21:14 12 Apr 2010

I have old PC with WinMe installed. When I power up I get maker's screen display for 2 mins then:
Invalid Boot diskette
Insert Boot diskette in A

At this stage I can press reset button and sometimes this enables me to get into Windows OK.
Once logged on I have no apparent problems. I have run Scandisk, AntiVirus etc and no errors found.

I have been readng about this and thought I would try the Emergency Boot Disk to see if there is a quicker reliable way in. When I insert EBD after "Starting Windows Millennium Boot Disk" and 13 lines of data about drives it ends at A:|>

What do I do at this point to get into Windows ??

There is obviously something seriously wrong, but as I say it still works.

Any ides on how to fix and get consistent start up, please

  peter99co 21:33 12 Apr 2010

You need to change the boot to C not A. I think this is via BIOS.

  citadel 21:46 12 Apr 2010

windows me has a mind of its own, when i had it all sorts of errors would come up. got a oem xp disc and got rid of me.

  Peter 00:38 13 Apr 2010


I think perhaps your hard drive is sticking on its bearing or is slow to start up and missing the POST identification. Unable to boot from the hard drive the next option is used,, which is the floppy drive. The initial screen, after the mother board identification, might show that the master IDE channel is unoccupied when the fault shows. Once the hard drive warms up a bit, and the bearing are lubricated, normal booting may be possible and the POST master IDE channel would show the hard drive.

If this is the case the hard drive is probably on its way out. Back up (Disk Image using something like Acronis) and replace the hard drive. If this is uneconomical back up your data and invest in a replacement computer.


  ardubbleyu 07:59 14 Apr 2010

try disconnecting the data cable to the A:\ drive and see what happens...

  Kilowatt 5 16:40 19 Apr 2010

Is it the old beginners mistake of leaving a floppy disk in A: which the computer is booting from?

Check if there is a floppy in A:

I've done it hundreds of times

Good Luck

  sutemil 18:57 19 Apr 2010

Definitely no floppy disk left in A drive.
I think Peter's answer is most likely as if I press reset a number of times the hard disk comes to life and the PC starts 'normally'
I shall invest in a new machine
Thank you all

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