Abit KV8 pro

  Wolfshead 20:33 16 Apr 2005

Does anyone know of any compatability problems with the ABIt KV8 mobo and PNY Verto G-Force 5500 FX graphics card?

I've just rebuilt my PC and can't get any out put to the monitor. I've got an AMD sempron 2800 with 512 MB PC3200 when I boot up everything whirs away but nothing appears on the monitor.

Any clues as to what's going on?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:39 16 Apr 2005

Check card is inserted correctly gold pins must disappear fully into slot (easy to get wrong).

Is the card powered wy a seperate plug from the PSU?

PSU capable of the extra requirements?

bent pins on monitor cable?

power to monitor ok, led on?

AGP enabled in BIOS?

on board graphics (if fitted) switched off in BIOS?

  Totally-braindead 20:44 16 Apr 2005

Make sure your speaker is correctly connected and listen for beep codes this will help to tell whats wrong click here

  josie mayhem 21:34 16 Apr 2005

I tried both the verto g-force 5500 fx and the g-force 5700le on my kv8 pro, and never would work. Both had the same symptons.

I had problems loading drivers (I even tried piggy backing the cards along side my pci card) but if I got them up and running, all I got was either no screen at all, screen blacking out or a complete freeze.

I also tried different drivers to no avail. THe shop suggested that there might be a conflick, but I could never get in to find out!

I ended up buying (for the same price) a Abit radeoan 9550-guru a very nice card indeed with lots more. I had no trouble installing it what so ever, and no problems since (touch wood)

So having read your post, it seems that there is some issue here with compatibility

  Wolfshead 21:12 28 Apr 2005

It seems you were right Josie Mayhem, there is a compatability problem with this mobo and the g-force 5500 fx. I eventually found it on the A-bit web site. They don't know why it won't work only that it won't!.

Thanks for the help.

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