ABIT KT7A-RAID & Athlon Speeds

  Denis-244083 13:07 21 Mar 2003

The manual for the ABIT KT7A-RAID motherboard says that it will support AMD Athlon cpu's up to 1.2 GHz "or future Socket A processors based on 200/266MHz". I have e-mailed ABIT asking what is now the fastest Athlon processor that this board will support but they don't seem to reply! I don't want to change my motherboard at the moment but I do want to push it a bit faster. Has anyone any idea what the top speed might be for this very good board?

  powerless 13:43 21 Mar 2003

AMD 2600+ @ 266FSB.

This processor runs at 2133 MHz.

  darkjedimistress 15:32 21 Mar 2003

and am running an overclocked 900 Athlon at 1100 on it with no problems. The board takes a 1200athlon as standard but I am sure that if the bios is updated it will reach upto a 1.4athlon but that's it. For the risk of upgrading by 200mhz on the processor I would not touch the bios with a bargepole.

You are right though, it's a fantastic board and I've had it 3 year's now.

  dereek-289933 21:09 16 Jul 2003

go to abit bios downloads and check latest bios it should tell you what is supported.

  Spencus 22:48 16 Jul 2003

AMD Thunderbird 1.4Ghz (133) CPU is as far as you can go on your Mobo. unfortunately it is no longer in production, try Ebay, thats where I got mine

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