abby finereader pro 5.0

  Qmar 05:55 29 Nov 2003

- it's on P.C.World magazine JAN 2004.-
( I think it does pdf output- or please remind me if that is vs. 6.0 only? )

  Stuartli 09:32 29 Nov 2003

It has pdf support to allow a printed page to be converted to an Acrobat pdf file - Finereader 7.0 allows pdf editing.


click here

  Stuartli 14:03 29 Nov 2003

Is this utility of any use to you?

click here

  Qmar 20:40 29 Nov 2003

thanks - I'll try it.
I also found the Jaws pdf utility on a old coverdisc.

  Qmar 14:07 02 Dec 2003

I have just received the registration for the free version of JawsPDF and installed it from the coverdisc...6Mb.Its beautiful.. best of all the free 'utilities' I've tried so far.(I haven't tried the sourceforge pdfcreator )

If anyone really needs it( can only do this for a couple of people ) wants to know how to get it , ask me.

  Qmar 14:10 02 Dec 2003

- unfortunately abbyfinereader havent emailed me their registration as promised - maybe because is from a 'January' edtn.of PCWorld Mag.?-
Full marks to JawsPDF.

  Stuartli 16:06 02 Dec 2003

I got the e-mail within seconds - I used the same magazine cover disk towards the end of last week.

  Qmar 21:56 04 Dec 2003

tried it again with success.thanx.

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