AB350M Pro4 freezing pc after 2 hours

  COF1 22:32 07 Jul 2018

I bought this motherboard from local shop, after i bult pc, pc started freezing sound for 1 sec every 20-40 min i tought that problem is driver, but no. Then i installed fresh win 10 pro but problems are even worse pc freezes after 2 hours of normal usage, sometimes i need to hard reset pc, somtime pc restarts without freezing. I tested ram with memtest86 and no errors are found, tried booting pc with one stick of ram, tested psu with multimeter i was getting stable 12v, tried different gpu, tried other hdd, but none of those fixed problem. So i read that this mb has bad vrm cooling, so i took apart pc and gived mb to local shop to give me my money back, they sent mb to test and after 9 days they called me and said that there is nothing with motherboard, i was speechless. And i builded pc again but that sh*t is still happening. Do any one have any suggestions what shud i do now. Here are my specs but i thing it doesn't really matter so much. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit MOBO - ASRock AB350M PRO4 CPU - AMD Ryzen 1400 RAM - 2X4 Kingston Fury 2400MHz DDR4 GPU - Amd Gigabyte R9 270x Windforce HDD - 465GB SAMSUNG HD502HJ SSD - Kingston A400 120GB PSU - FSP Aurum 500W 80+ Gold

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