AAAUUUGH! My comp is FUBARed! (modem problems)

  Arokthis 17:59 23 Dec 2003

Note: Except for the problem listed, machine works fine.

I DL'd "MetConnect" in the search for another truly free internet provider. (Right now I use Netzero.) Since it was only for a part of NY state, I uninstalled it. Due to inattention, I also uninstalled "Microsoft Connection Manager" which was right below it in the "Add/Remove" list. Now the modem is not seen correctly, making me unable to go online. (I'm currently at the library.)
Steps taken to fix:
Un, re, un, and re-installed everything in the "connection" section (part with "phone dialer") of "Windows Setup" in "Add/Remove" of Contol panel.
Uninstall "seen" modem and reset.
No luck.
Next step is to un and re-install Netzero.

Machine says 4.10.1998 for version.

Gotta go, will check back tomorrow.

  hugh-265156 18:50 23 Dec 2003

im not familiar with netzero im afraid.

there is a connection wizard download that may help pinpoint the problem for here along with various error messages and solutions.

support click here

  Arokthis 16:44 24 Dec 2003

The problem is not with Netzero. I un and re-installed it yesterday with no change in situation.

I am creating a text file that will have everything that show up as the machine starts, as well as all relevant Control Panel and BIOS settings. If it would help, I will post it here for everyone's perusal.

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