Aaarghh! Why does my PC hate me?

  djspang 05:18 03 Jul 2003

I'm getting really paranoid...
I'm running a self built(from spares) PC...
..spec as follows: -

1. P3 750mhz CPU
2. 256mb (DIMM SDRAM PC100)RAM
3. ASUS KV series motherboard
4. 3 x hard drive (20gb, 8gb, 4.3gb)
5. It has an ADSL connection (512kps)
6. It's networked with my P3 1100mhz 256mb 30gb HDD laptop.

...Everything was running fine (albeit a bit slow)...until I decided to purchase an additional 256mb (DIMM SDRAM PC100)RAM chip. The motherboard manual specifically states that the RAM must be unbuffered and 3.3 volts.

After much disagreement with staff in both Maplins and PC World (both said that the unbuffered requirement doesn't matter), I finally purchased said RAM, took it home + slotted it in the PC.

Booted up, during the POST check it stated (correctly) that I now had 512mb RAM....but never continued booting...just hung there. I checked the RAM box...Aaaargh!..PC World sold me PC133 RAM instead of PC100 (the manual specifically states NOT to mix the 2 types), so I removed the new RAM...tried to start up the PC in the original configuration....still hangs...tried with just the new RAM...still hangs....Have I knackered the motherboard or something else?

Please help!! Thanks!

  djspang 05:23 03 Jul 2003

...I'm running Windows ME on the system

  madPentium 11:45 03 Jul 2003

memory is usually ok when mixed that way, it will simply clock the 133 at 100.
Damage is usually done the other way round, i.e. 100 into 133 motherboard.
I would say the memory is fine, you have probably disturbed a cable somewhere.
Silly question, but have you checked the ide cables etc? or have the bios settings changed?

If memory is dodgy, it will usually beep several times, or go into windows and display all kinds of error screens regarding addressing.

  madPentium 11:46 03 Jul 2003

another thing, sometimes you have to go into the bios, and then just save it and exit. Just to register the memory. I've had that a few times on p3 systems.

  djspang 01:37 04 Jul 2003

You were right first time...I knocked the power cable for my Primary Master HD. Doh!

Thanks for your time!


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