aaaghhhh frozen and no connectivity

  Aragon2011 09:24 27 Feb 2018

OK, I spent all yesterday trying to fix this problem. PC boots ok but does not recognise mouse or keyboard. I simply get to the screen saver and cant progress or load windows. Mouse and keyboard are not being recognised whichever USB ports I try and I checked them on my laptop and they all work. I can get access to BIOS (PC recognises that computer key when pressed) so I reloaded windows using a USB (which I was proud of) and that got me to the usual home screen. Mouse still did not work, either the wireless mouse or the integrated one on my logitech keyboard. I managed to get to the mouse driver settings and they need updated, for some reason they are no longer working - there was a red triangle next to them. However,navigating to update the drivers using the keyboard instead of the mouse was nearly impossible as the PC would only recognise my logitech keyboard, which has no separate number pads (if that makes sense). So I got out an old cabled keyboard, rebooted, and it wouldn't recognise that at all. Now I am back to square one, can't get past the "frozen" screensaver, can get to BIOS but to do what? Before anyone says go to device manager and click on.. I can't click!! And even if I get back to the home screen I wont be able to updagte the drivers using the integrated keyboard - and the other keyboard which has the required keys does not link with PC at all..This is killing me...any help please before I bin it..

  Govan1x 10:19 27 Feb 2018

Have you tried it in safe mode.Your keyboard may just work long enough to get in there.

  Aragon2011 10:23 27 Feb 2018

How can I get to safe mode from Bios.. remember, I cant get to the home screen to restart with the usual safe mode techniques? thank-you

  Govan1x 11:40 27 Feb 2018

If W7 just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.If W10 not sure if F8 works on that.

  Jollyjohn 12:10 27 Feb 2018

What is the model of your keyboard?

Because you have re loaded Windows you will need to re install drivers for all but the most basic of keyboards and mouse. Re loading the drivers by keyboard alone is possible. Use TAB to move between highlighted items - Shift Tab goes back one and SPACE selects. If you let me know the model of the keyboard I will check if the arrow keys / numbers are accessed by a function key / key combination.

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