A8V-VM Mobo (Fitting memory)

  frostysnowman 11:35 05 Feb 2011

My Mobo (A8V-VM) has 2 sets of memory slots for dual channel configuration, labelled Dimm A1, Dimm A2 and Dimm B1, Dimm B2.
I have presently 2 512MB modules of memory (PC3200) in slots B1 and A1, however this is single channel not dual channel so the memory modules must not be the same. Could anybody advise me if it is possible to also use a 1GB Dimm module in any of the other slots or is there a specific slot I should use. Any advice appreciated.

  GaT7 11:50 05 Feb 2011

Having a look at your board (click here), you should install the 2 RAM modules in the blue OR black slots. In other words, not next to each other.

Max RAM it'll take is 1Gb in each slot.

If you have an odd number of modules, then the manual will tell you how to install them for dual-channel running. If you don't have a manual, a PDF one should be downloadable from the above link. G

  frostysnowman 12:00 05 Feb 2011

Thanks for your reply.
I have the manual but I cannot find anywhere any info on fitting an odd number of Dimm modules. I am not really bothered about it being dual channel, single channel will do so. I thought that the 2 512MB modules that I already have where the same but they only work in single channel so they must not be.

  GaT7 12:13 05 Feb 2011

I can confirm that you have installed the RAM pair in the correct slots.

Is the correct total RAM amount (i.e. 1Gb) being recognised in Windows with the 2x 512Mb modules installed?

For RAM configurations, see page 1-13 onwards in the manual. There's no mention of installing 3 modules, so it could be one of those boards that only accepts a single module or 1-2 pairs.

Also it states: "Use only identical DDR DIMM pairs", so again a bit of a fussy board & may be the reason for your problem.

I've many times mixed memory makes, speeds, CAS latencies & all the RAM still ran in dual-channel, with only the odd exception. G

  frostysnowman 12:18 05 Feb 2011

Thanks again for your reply.
Yes the total is 1GB in windows. I will have to try and see if the 1GB module can be used. Thanks again.

  GaT7 12:22 05 Feb 2011

You can install just the 1Gb module in the B1 slot, but I guess you want to install all 3 modules don't you? It's worth experimenting to see if it may be possible. G

  frostysnowman 10:46 07 Feb 2011

Success! I inserted the 1GB Dimm in slot B1, one 512MB Dimm in slot A1 and then the last 512MB Dimm in slot A2 and the PC now shows 2GB in windows and the bios. It also works with the 1GB Dimm in slot B1, one 512MB Dimm in slot B2 and the last 512MB Dimm in slot A2.
Thanks again for your help.

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