A7V Mobo, Upgrade?

  rickf 14:13 02 Nov 2003

Hi, I was recently given a comp with the above m/b. The specs say it can take AMD cpu500-1Mhz. At present its got the AMD 1Mhz in. Does anyone know to what capacity I can upgrade this m/b and do I need to overclock, somehting new to me. I don't mind playing around with it as I am using it as a test comp. Thanks

  rickf 14:20 02 Nov 2003


  gold 47 16:25 02 Nov 2003

As i read what you said you are already running the max your mobo can take,I upgraded my old computer from a 900 to a 1.4meg that was was the max i could put in without upgrading the mobo.

  rickf 16:50 02 Nov 2003

Thanks, I was hoping to get some insight into the poss. of overclocking the m/b. Perhaps someone on this forum has done it on the A7V. I'll go again to the site and see if there is a bios for flashing it.

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