A7N8X-X good MoBo but no rear surround

  willhay 17:54 01 Aug 2003

just be warned the above is a good board but it says 6 channel sound, but it aint
click here

  Gaz 25 18:11 01 Aug 2003

It is just the way you set it up.

Ensure you have the sound drivers and onboard, the mic and line in are swapped for rear and center channels.

The rear is all contained in one socket. the front is too and so is the center and subwoofer.

Try doing that.

  DieSse 18:11 01 Aug 2003

Are you sure it's not like my QDI board - three sockets which can be used as

Line In - Line Out - Mic

OR Line Out Front - Line out Rear - Mic

OR Line Out Frone - Line Out Rear - Center & Subwoofer

Depending on how you set up the sound driver that comes with the motherboard

Works on mine !!!!

  willhay 18:15 01 Aug 2003

done it all, the A7V8X-X works the way you suggest as mine is working fine, but the other A7N8X-X wont

  Gaz 25 18:18 01 Aug 2003

Umm, the drivers some times allow you to change assignments.

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