hzhzhz 10:46 30 Jan 2005

Ive ordered an asus A7N8X-X mb but Ive just bread that if I intend to use this on an xp machine with AGP graphics then I am going to have resource conflicts and big problems. I intend to use it with a sempron 3100 and a radeon 9600 pro. Can anyone add tgo this before it arrives. Thanks.

  alan227 10:53 30 Jan 2005

I should double check that this board will run a Sempron CPU as it says that it runs with XP & Duron CPU's.

  hzhzhz 10:57 30 Jan 2005

Will do. Cheers.

  ACOLYTE 10:58 30 Jan 2005

Why would you have resourse conflicts? as far as i can tell this board has x8 AGP so that should be ok,and windows should manage the resources for you,but as said i would check it will run a Sempron CPU.

  hzhzhz 11:03 30 Jan 2005

To quote the review "nvidia pci-agp bridge has resource conflicts and wont work properly".

  Bleep 11:19 30 Jan 2005

What? dont panic number 1 dont believe everything you read on the web.

I have an ASUS A7N8X-X and love it and used to run a ATI9800 Pro on it and now run a 6800 GT 256MB on at extreme overclock: click here

The board is great full stop and was one of the post popular around the good old AMD XP days.

Dont panic about some weird peice you found on the web, I mean I find peices that state Spurs are a great club out there and we all know what a load of rubbish a statement like that is.

If you want to run a sempron you will need BIOS 1010 Update simple as that.

  goonerbill © ® 11:22 30 Jan 2005

i have the A7N8X-E Deluxe version and it has no problems at all and runs perfectly and your board is virtually the same item, just missing one or two bits that mine has.

  goonerbill © ® 11:29 30 Jan 2005

ah Bleep bet me to it but heres link to ASUS website that lists cpu's which are compatable with the mobo and as Bleep states it will need the 1010 bios update or pc will not boot with sempron installed, so hope you have athlon xp or old duron to do bios update unless it is a new release and has the updated bios already.

click here

  hzhzhz 11:29 30 Jan 2005

Thanks everyone.

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