Ice Junkie 19:05 23 Jun 2003

I have a Asus A7N8X and i'm 'trying' to use the program which came with my board. Asus Probe - It seems to give me incorrect information about my CPU temps and MB temps? For one they are really incorrect and two they seem to be in reverse, as the MB temp is higher than the CPU temp. I re-start my PC and go into the BIOS and the temps read fine in there but not in the program?

I have tried updating the Program to its lastest version and updated the BIOS recently but still seems to be the same. I think it has been from the start.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance..

  -pops- 19:12 23 Jun 2003

Be careful not to become too concerned with the operational workings and diagnostics of your machine at the expense of using it for something useful. If your machine is reasonably up to date, it will shut itself down at any danger of overheating.

  Ice Junkie 19:25 23 Jun 2003

I just want to know the temps as I have just bought a new case and im trying different ways & positions of the fans. Thats also what its been doing, shutting itself down which is a thing it never used to do? Just switches itself off and I lose any unsaved information!! Not good!!

  -pops- 19:42 23 Jun 2003

Ah!!! More detail is a great help.

Assuming you have efficient cooling on the CPU, the convention is to have case fans drawing air at the bottom, front and extracting rear, top near to the CPU.

Remember that having the case sides on or off can make a huge difference to air flows.

I think that using the BIOS temperature readings will be more reliable readings than the ASUS probe.


  Ice Junkie 21:15 23 Jun 2003

Cheers Brian. ATM I have 3 case fans one in the middle that I turned around to have cold air going in and two at the back blowing hot air out. I have a XP2200+ chip with a Coolermaster fan & heatsinc suitable upto a XP3000+ on so I think that is ok at the moment.

I'm going to look at getting a few more fans soon. I have space for a 120mm one at the front and a 80mm one at the top. I will fill both of those spaces!

I also need to get a better PSU at the one that came with my case hasn't enough power because my case fans and blue light sometimes flickers, actually all the time, when my PC is under load! I have also noticed that one fan is brighter than the other this could be down to one being connected to the MB and one to the main power!

Thanks in advance.

  Ice Junkie 23:11 26 Jun 2003

Help is still needed please

you say that your psu doesnt provide enough power , do you not think you,ve answered your own question.

  Ironman556 23:46 26 Jun 2003

Can't you swap the power supply from the old case into the new case? If it was working ok before then it may solve the problem.

  Ice Junkie 23:48 26 Jun 2003

Blew the last one up..oops LOL. I will buy a new one when i've got some money.

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